What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing - Oscar Wilde
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BAL Consulting P/L offers e-valuations® as a fixed consulting service to evaluate your e-business initiative. You propose the price and describe your requirement. We offer you a free of cost and obligation quote, consulting brief, Non Disclosure Agreement, and contract. If these are acceptable to you, we exchange signed contracts and e-valuations® of your e-business initiative commences. See our how to order e-consulting.

Typical steps in e-valuations® include:

Why do you need e-valuations®: "We believe 98% of the current e-business initiatives do not stand up to any professional scrutiny. BAL Consulting P/L is a pure e-business consultancy with the highest ethical values that does not owe anything to vendors. e-valuations® is a fixed price offering tailored to your needs."

Not all bits have equal value. Carl Sagan

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