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BAL Consulting P/L specialises in Intellectual Property IP for postal services, hybrid & inbound mail and logistics, messaging, e-commerce fulfillment and methods of payment. Our Intellectual Property is for sale.

BAL professional services include evaluation of new Intellectual Property and Knowledge Capital, support of Initial Public Offerings, financial modeling, market research into new Internet technology services and assistance in patenting or otherwise protecting new inventions, preparation of business plans and advice in finding partners. Get e-valuations® - our new fixed price service for evaluating Intellectual Property and Knowledge Capital.

Investor Presentation
Valuation of Knowledge Capital

Valuation of Startups

Overview of Scratch Cash

Overview of Hybrid Mail and Messaging IP
Introduction to @Fulfillment
Introduction to @Post
Public Hybrid Mail and Messaging Research

Business Case for Hybrid Mail
Hybrid Messaging Deep Dive for Investors

Intelligent Boundary System
Hybrid Mail Patent Application Summary
Short Generation I Patent Application
Initial USPTO Objections at Generation I Patent
Future Generation II Patent Application
Business Case Table of Contents

Full Business Case
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Full Business Case
(MS Power Point)
Business Concept Diagrams
Management Overview
Hybrid Messaging Workshop I
(MS Power Point)  
Hybrid Messaging Workshop II
(MS Power Point)
Hybrid Messaging - Postal Address Testing Results
In-Bound Mail Overview

In-Bound Mail Architecture
Proposal for @Post Corporation
@Post Budget
@Post Functional Requirements
Links to Hybrid Mail and Messaging Research

Intellectual Property for Internet Presence Protection
Future 2020+

List of Publications

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Intellectual Property IP is any product of the human intellect that is unique, novel, unobvious and has value in the marketplace. A generic expression referring to patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and any other tangible personal property that is created through the intellectual efforts of its creators ... what investors really should care about, but have never had access to ...Google Patent Search

Obama Signs Patent 'Reform' Bill

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